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Thrive Healthcare/ASG closing its doors
Agency plans June 30 closure

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – After nearly 30 years of serving the Charlottesville community, Thrive Healthcare (formerly known as the AIDS/HIV Services Group or ASG) has announced plans to close its doors.

The organization’s board of directors met on April 1 voting unanimously to terminate agency operations at the end of the fiscal year. The 13 people on staff were notified of the decision on April 2.

In a joint statement, the Board said it regretted having to shutter the agency, which has been for so long a community institution:

“This was not an easy decision. The community, our patients, members and staff have been deeply invested in our work and share our passion for serving this community. It is with deep sadness and regret that we make this announcement.

Three major factors led to our decision:

1.) The evolution of the AIDS epidemic. Happily, HIV-positive people are living longer, healthier lives and need fewer of the services we have traditionally offered.

2.) Shifting funding streams. A great deal of our funding, particularly from the federal government, has been shifted to larger institutions in the community and more urban areas.

3.) A vision for change that ultimately proved unsustainable. The addition of behavioral and primary health care to our portfolio of services did not provide the sustainable revenue we hoped it would. The agency had a $1.5 million operating budget last year. In 2014, donors provided $440,000 for the expansion but the agency ended the year with a $70,000 deficit.

We hope to continue to operate for the next 90 days to ensure that we can find appropriate care for our patients and other members as we also work to find other agencies in Charlottesville or the region that will adopt our programs and maintain the level of service we have always provided. Our achievements are largely due to our staff’s professionalism, dedication and commitment, and the board of directors is committed to also helping our staff and members make a smooth transition through this difficult period.”

Thrive Healthcare was founded in 1986 as the AIDS/HIV Support Group and was more commonly known as ASG. The organization changed its name to Thrive Healthcare in April 2014, as it expanded to add behavioral and primary health care to its roster of programs, which at that time included community HIV and Hepatitis C testing, housing, services for inmates, group and individual life coaching.

Thrive Healthcare is the fourth AIDS Services Organization in Virginia to go out of business in the last 18 months.