Getting the proper temperature is essential when you are using a cannabis vaporizer pen.

These days, it is become common sense that vaping is the best way to consume the cannabis for your health. What less people understand is the role which temperature plays in deciding the impacts a user would experience.

Using the best vapor pen to heat cannabis to the proper temperature would make sure that the marijuana are vaped efficiently, there by resulting in medicinal, recreational and optimal impacts.

Ideal Temperature

The perfect temperature for vaping the marijuana is probably from 175 °C to 200 °C ( from 347 °F to 392 °F), says a famous clinical professor assistant and emergency physician.

Nevertheless, he emphasizes that a recent finding, which studied the extraction of cannabis of various vaporizer pens, has used 210 °C or 410 °F as a setting point.

“Generally, I believe that 210 °C is the best temperature between the smoothness of the vaporizer and the perfect evaporation of the cannabis” says a famous expert in medical cannabis.

High versus low temperature

If a user vapes the marijuana below 356 °F or 180 °C, they would mostly breathe in the terpenes as the cannabis would not turn to gas at low temperature. But lower temperature could be suitable for those who would like to experience more awake and less intense.

Higher temperature has a tendency to produce more cannabis, as researches by some famous scientists have found.

In an experiment, a Volcano vapor pen only produced 24 per cent of the cannabis when it was set at the temperature of 170 °C or 338 °F. Nevertheless, that number increased to 77 per cent when the vapor pen was set at 230 °C or 446 °F.

In fact, the best extraction of the THC happens around this range of temperatures, even though lower temperature is likely good for users’ health.

Users need to be cautious not to vapor at or above 235 °C or 455 °F as the vapor pen would turn harsh and then begin to burn.

Vaporizing THC and CBD

Even though some people could try to change the temperature of vaporizing depend on the effects of THC or CBD, it is not probable to make a major difference.

The points of boiling of those two cannabis are just 10 °C or 50 °F and most of vapor pens do not provide that precision level.

“If you are looking to separate out the CBD and THC, you will be much better to control these in the marijuana sample other than attempt to do this by differential variation,” says a famous expert.

He agrees and claims that people should use the vaporizer pen around 210 °C or 410 °F to experience the impacts of both types of cannabis.

Other factors to consider

Even though specific ranges of temperature are strongly suggested to these only starting out, several other things could have effects on the ideal temperature of a vapor pen. For example, a lot of famous experts point out that the moisture of the marijuana is a factor to consider.

Another thing is the kind of used vapor pen, according to experts. For instance, a vaporizer with convection style such as the Volcano could be much more efficient for users as it directly transfers the heat. Nevertheless, they could also evaporate the marijuana even as a person is not breathing in.

The experts also say that a cheap vaporizer pen such as models with conduction style tends to have the hotspot, which could make it hard to remain the consistent temperatures.

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