Golf is becoming increasingly popular in modern society that resulting in appearing in the market a variety of types, styles and designs of various golf clubs from different brands. For a handicapped player, looking for the best golf clubs for beginners is the foremost must-do thing to start a fascinating journey of the game. To select the most suitable golf clubs you should bear in mind the below important tips.

1. Try first

Always try a club before you buy it. Golf clubs are available for hire in almost every golf course. You can take advantage of this service in the local course to find which clubs suiting you the most before making decision. If you buy them from a sporting store or a pro shop make several shots on the driving range before taking it home. While you can save an amount by shopping online, in most cases you are not able to return the clubs if they are not suitable for you.

2. Ask an expert

If you plan to buy a second hand club, you should listen to a golf expert who can give you helpful advice. It is great if you can visit a local golf course or pro shop with the professionals. The most important thing you should keep in mind is how to find a club which suits your level in the game. Do not buy one just because it is the favorite one of a golf star, let’s consider whether you can master it or not. It is better to buy a club compatible to almost the other ones in your club set.

3. Trust your feeling

Your feeling is also a critical factor when considering a club, so what is that feeling? Feeling can be generally described as the reaction of the club that you can feel when you hold it in your hands and swing. Whether the golf club is long, short, too soft or hard for you? Whether it easily gets in harmony with you? Let’s try and feel. If it does not give you the feeling of comfort, do not buy it. Go with one that you feel comfortable with not the one against you.

4. Club heads

Beginners benefit from using perimeter-weighted, cavity-backed head clubs because they will give players a lot of forgiveness thanks to expanded sweet spots. Also, it is better to find a club with a large sized head, in other word, a club with a larger-than-average sweet spot. The larger the club head is the greater exposure to the ball it makes that generates a more exact and farther stroke.

5. Shafts

Handicapped golfer should pick a club with graphite shaft. With the feature of lightweight graphite shafts shall certainly enable you to be more consistent and swing the club a bit faster. They also accelerate the effect of the club head when it strikes the ball and the greater impact is on the ball, the longer distance the ball travels. That’s why they are indeed a great choice for beginner players despite the fact that they are more expensive than clubs with steel ones.

6. No need to rush

Golf is widely known as a not-easy-to-master sport and it takes your time and practice to become proficient. It also takes you a while to get familiar with your new clubs. You should carefully look for an appropriate club as well as check its durability beforehand. If you plan to pick a second hand club but have no chance for a test, visit a pro shop to try those of the same type.

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