For many people, the main reason for choosing a motorcycle helmet is its protection and safety when the accident happens. To have the best protection, your helmet should offer a really good comfortable fitness. A model that is fit badly can come off easily in a crash even when you have done the chin strap.

Get the correct fit

To choose a motorcycle helmet with the right fit, you need to know the size of your head before buying any models. Here is the golden rule for getting the comfortable fit:

Comfortable fit = Head shape + Head size

How to measure the size of your head correctly?

Firstly, you need a cloth tape or a small metal tape measure to know the size of your head. If possible, you should ask for help from someone to have a more accurate result.

  • Measure around the fullest area of the head, which is often above your ears, and take the measurement on your forehead
  • The circumference of your head is often measured at about 1 inch above your eyebrows or at any points giving the largest potential measurement
  • Then check with a size chart to get an accurate custom fit

Important tips

In different, different helmet brands will have different sizing charts. For example, two brands could make the similar size L helmet, but the sizing fit might be not the same mainly because of the thickness of inner cheek pad or padding as well as shell size.

The size measurement of a helmet will equivalent to a specific size in the range of model that you are interested in. In general, this would be a good starting point when you need to choose a specific helmet model or brand.

Know the shape of your heads

Even though there are a wide range of sizes and shapes in people, most of us will fall into 3 main categories:

  • Oval or long oval: the most common shape of head
  • Round: wider in the middle, near your temples
  • Egg: narrower at the bottom and wider at the top

Some of people might have a combination of those 3 head shapes. Luckily, a lot of helmet models are designed with internal shapes which would roughly match those types of head shape.

How to know the helmet is too big or small size for you?

Overall fitting need to fit snugly. Nevertheless, if you feel high pressure on the top of skull or tight on the forehead, then the size of helmet would be too small for you. If you feel tight on the cheek pads, it might be fine since the cheek pads would expand or soften after using.

When you test the helmet for the first time, remember to shake your head hard from right to left. If it has enough space to wriggle, this means that the size is quite big for your head. However, protruding and oval head shape could be the exception, you might feel space or loose at the helmet’s side, but your forehead could have high pressure until the red lines are pressed on your forehead.

Why is it necessary to know the head shape?

It is necessary to know how to measure head for helmet choosing because you could possibly know which model and brand of helmet will fit by matching its internal shape to your head shape. In general, most helmet brands are different and will not fit in the same way. Therefore, shape is definitely one of the most important things to know when buying your motorcycle helmet.

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