Getting the proper temperature is essential when you are using a cannabis vaporizer pen.

These days, it is become common sense that vaping is the best way to consume the cannabis for your health. What less people understand is the role which temperature plays in deciding the impacts a user would experience.

Using the best vapor pen to heat cannabis to the proper temperature would make sure that the marijuana are vaped efficiently, there by resulting in medicinal, recreational and optimal impacts.

Ideal Temperature

The perfect temperature for vaping the marijuana is probably from 175 °C to 200 °C ( from 347 °F to 392 °F), says a famous clinical professor assistant and emergency physician.

Nevertheless, he emphasizes that a recent finding, which studied the extraction of cannabis of various vaporizer pens, has used 210 °C or 410 °F as a setting point.

“Generally, I believe that 210 °C is the best temperature between the smoothness of the vaporizer and the perfect evaporation of the cannabis” says a famous expert in medical cannabis. (more…)



Fruits can easily get rotten by micro-organisms or through their own inner enzymatic reactions. Fruits with high water content make it a good environment for bacteria, yeast, and molds to grow and cause spoilage as they need a sufficient amount of moisture to be activated. That’s the reason why fruits with moisture removed last a longer period of time than when they are fresh. In addition, the fruits’ flavor is heightened, the storage is simplified and their shelf life is dramatically prolonged when most of the moisture content is eliminated from the fruit. Because of their great taste and health benefits, like free of fat and rich in fiber, dried fruits is one of the most convenient  and popular ways to enjoy fruits.

The shelf life of dried fruits relies on a lot of factors including the best by date, the way they were dried and how they were stored. In reality, most dried fruits will last for a year far beyond the expiry date if they are appropriately preserved. Try these below ways if you want to make your dehydrated fruits last long.

  1. Storing in fridge

You are absolutely able to safely preserve the quality of the dried fruits longer by storing them inside your fridge in an air-tight covered container to keep them out of moisture and other contaminants. Several types of dried fruit, like prunes which are moister than others, enjoy the moisture in the refrigerator and taste better if being kept cold.

  1. Vacuum-sealing

If you have a vacuum sealer in your kitchen, it is an ideal option to use it to preserve dried fruits. This is really convenient and brings long term results. The fact is that the more air is removed from the storage container, the longer the food will last. Therefore, vacuum sealing will maximize its shelf life as it eliminates oxygen, keeps moisture and mold away from the fruit. It is really worth getting for your own the best vacuum sealer if you wish to store dehydrated fruit particularly and various types of food in general for a longer use. (more…)


What is the Top Brand of Recumbent Bike when it comes to Recumbent Bike Reviews?

It is worth mentioning that recumbent exercise bikes are really extremely famous in majority of the gyms & fitness clubs. Moreover, it is considered as one of the ideal ways to get a better warm up period for performing additional exercise. When riders spend in the recumbent bike, they can get the same advantages within the ease of their home on a regular basis. Some of the best recumbent bike reviews are as given below.

  1. Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike Review

Riders should know that recumbent bike with the irresistible resistance offers real cardio exercise within the ease of their house. One of the best things is that this recumbent bike is not noisy & therefore permits riders to listen music & watch TV while performing their workouts.



New Avenues for Malaria Drug Development

“Sustain Gains, Save Lives: Invest in Malaria”, the theme of this year’s World Malaria Day 25th April, subtly admonishes the nations with high prevalence of malaria. Whether the spread of malaria will shrivel or stretch principally depends on the resources that will be invested in control efforts over the next few years[1].

The past decade is a witness that investments in malaria control have resulted in remarkable returns in terms of saving lives. But there is no reason for contentment because these results are fragile and are reversible. Unless there is continued prioritization of malaria by the affected nations, donors and international partners, malaria incidence cannot be alleviated.

Investment in on-going research and development to combat the latest threat of parasite resistance is currently the burning requirement. Plasmodium falciparum, considered to be the deadliest malaria parasite, responsible for over 54% malaria cases out of 1.49 million in 2010 3 has recently been reported getting resistant to the current gold standard anti -malarial drugs – artemisinins along the Thailand-Myanmar border. (more…)