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The development of a baby’s brain during pregnancy hinges on maternal nutrition

Starting in the womb, a mother’s influence on her child’s overall health is unquestionable. Optimal maternal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation makes lasting contributions to a child’s growth and development. Taking care of her own nutritional needs is therefore the best gift that a mother can give her child.

One of the most important aspects of the growth and development of the child is the development of brain. While you have to wait to see if your baby will have your eyes or your nose, you can do a lot to ensure that her brain develops properly even before she is born. Surprised Most probably you are.

Popular perception would have you believe that a child’s brain develops and sharpens in the early stages of schooling. Well! The fact of the matter is that 70% of your child’s brain develops during pregnancy.

At birth, a baby’s brain has some 100 billion neurons; essentially all the neurons she will ever have. The connections between these cells, of course, develop after birth. Understandably, maternal nutrition during pregnancy has a profound impact on the baby’s rapidly developing brain. (more…)